A native of Fukuoka, Japan, Maya Hall moved to San Francisco in 2014 in search of bigger musical pastures. In Japan, where singers are held to high standards in comparison to the United States, Maya had been a part of the music scene as a respected vocalist, taking part in a variety of different acts in Fukuoka and Tokyo.

Since moving to San Francisco, Maya has trained herself how to play the guitar in order to write her own songs, and has done so with the same musical agility she reveals when she sings. Like her voice, her guitar playing is equally her own silky and sweet style. When she plays, her chord progressions, dainty riffs and interesting rhythms match her soul exactly. 

Maya Hall has been an integral part of the singer-songwriter scene in San Francisco, and has made many friends in the greater Bay Area music circles, but for two years had nothing to show for it when new and old fans asked about her music.